Between mind and body

People often ask me why the consecutive experiences of Lomi Lomi can vary so much and bring up the opposite, extreme emotions. Why for example the overwhelming feeling of happiness, oneness and excitement can turn into deep sadness, anxiety or even temporary illness on the other occasion. This complex topic may seem easier to digest by beginning from understanding what emotion actually is and it’s physiology. Below you can read an interesting excerpt from Serge Kahili King’s book. Don’t miss what he says about the relation between tensed muscles and “non-existence” of memories.

“The link between the mind and the body is emotion. Emotions are waves of energy that carry messages. When the mind communicates with the body, the latter reacts according to the degree of emotion stimulated by the thought, while it carries elements of the thought along with it, similar to the way radio waves carry information. When the body communicates with the mind, it uses memory to get the same effect.
Emotions exist only as they are felt. They are not stored, any more than the waves of the ocean are. When you think a joyful thought or when an experience triggers a joyful memory, the body generates a joyful emotion. When you think an anxious thought or an experience triggers an anxious memory, the body generates an anxious emotion. The emotion occurs right there in the moment. When the stimulus of thought or experience is gone, then so is the emotion. Emotions are not stored; emotions are not suppressed; you do not walk around like a warehouse of old emotions; you do not breathe yesterday’s air or surf yesterday’s wave.
Well, if you aren’t carrying suppressed emotions, why do emotions based on old events break out so strongly in a crisis? The answer has to do with a combination of stimulus response and tension energy. Tension is the body’s way of suppressing the ideas it learned from the mind that would, if acknowledged, generate an unpleasant emotion. On its own, the body just expresses emotions as they come up, regardless of the consequences. But if the mind creates a belief that certain kinds of emotions are not to be expressed, or certain ideas or memories are not to be acknowledged because that would be painful or dangerous, the body will suppress them in the only way it can – by tensing muscles so that they can’t move. If the cells can’t move, the memories will not transmit and emotions won’t exist. Think of this as setting up a barrier so the waves can’t form in the first place, or as a mountain that blocks the north wind and leaves the southern ocean nice and calm. But mountains erode under the pressure of constant wind, and the body erodes under the pressure of constant tension. When the stimulus of additional, related ideas or experience becomes so strong that the body cannot produce enough additional tension to suppress a reaction, or when the amount of tension present is so great it cannot be held anymore, the result is an outburst of emotion amplified by the release of tension energy.”

Happily we are not that helpless in shaping our lives. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, as being rooted in ancient natural healing wisdom, is one of the tools one can use, without forgetting about how powerful and impactful it can be in your hands.