Plant the Seed

Treat yourself to the things that make you grow! Push yourself gently to master your body-mind-soul union. Unleash your talents and become who you always wanted to be.

Hawaiian holistic massage in Berlin 26th – 29th Jan

Our earthly bodies and minds are longing gentleness and cleansing. Hawaiian massage (Lomi Lomi) serves it all. It is a way of balancing the circulation of life energy. This cosmic force revitalises our system in an organic way! Free flow of life energy is the only essence of lasting health. Rebalance and benefit from relationships both with yourself and with the outer world.

Lomi Lomi’s nature transcends massage. This healing art represents and promotes lasting sensation of wonder, calmness and balance. Accompanied by lulling Hawaiian chants, practitioner’s humming and energising breath, Lomi Lomi takes you to the state of meditative consciousness. There “healing” begins.

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