Where does the Courage arises from? From Vulnerability. When we utterly expose ourselves and take an emotional risk to change something. When we allow for failure sometimes. Vulnerability gives birth to creativity, innovation and change (Brene Brown). Have courage to be vulnerable, it is the strength of our beautiful human essence.

Welcome to the holistic Hawaiian massage, Lomi Lomi. The conscious work that holds space for self inquiry and supports a natural state of freedom. Master your well-being and invite abundance by exploring your human vulnerable and delicate nature.

Upcoming Lomi Lomi sessions in Berlin Mitte 08.03-13.03

Lomi Lomi arose from the deep understanding of a human, their psychophysical aspects and spiritual nature. Here is what happens during the session:

1. Cleansing of physical body from toxins.
2. Releasing of outdated behavioural patterns.
3. Elevating of consciousness.
4. Rejuvenation of body cells, DNA, neuronal connections.

Lomi Lomi is deeply relaxing and nurturing. It’s feminine, right-brained nature transcends massage. This healing art represents and promotes lasting sensation of wonder, calmness and balance. Accompanied by lulling Hawaiian chants, practitioner’s humming and energising breath, Lomi Lomi takes you to the state of meditative consciousness. There the “healing” begins. Human is a spiritual being in a physical body and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi respectfully acknowledge that.

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JOANNA POLKOWSKA: Lomi Lomi Nui practitioner and teacher. Since 2010 she practices Hawaiian healing art and offers sessions to people throughout Europe. This path of perpetual studies and mastery brings in new meaning and self expression into her life.
She entwines several other forms of natural modalities, e.i. Gentle Bio-Energetics (Eva Reich), Polarity, Reiki (Mikao Usui), aromatherapy, sound therapy in her practise.

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