Beautiful and Powerful Women all over the world – “Retreat: You are being called to retreat. You have been too long in the front line so to speak. Now it is time to go inward, to withdraw from the social whirl, crowds, even family – in order to cleanse and purify yourself, to reestablish a connection with your inner world. You’ll become more creative, able to give birth to all “children” gestating in you. “A little time alone in your own room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given to you”, was Rumi’s advice.” Sheela cards by Jakki Moore&Maureen Concannon.
These pictures of my beloved, dearest and wise Friend and her Sheela she chose for herself yesterday are the very inspiration for me at present moment. I believe you will resonate with the message and give yourself space for unfolding unconditional love to yourself and others. Love!