Journey of the Hero

Heroes fell in love with their destiny. Why? Because they know life is all about mastery of present moment. The art of giving and receiving, learning and teaching. Working on yourself is the willingness to question defined orders and seeking union in duality. Growth does not mean we need to resolve and understand things at once. Way to the summit takes many steps. The slower we take them, the more sustainable they are. Then we truly enjoy the voyage itself.

Hawaiian massage sheds the light on an exciting life journey we decided to take on. In no space and no time we dance the dance of natural laws. Lomi Lomi offers a shelter where you can stop or slow down. The moment of seeing and feeling by abiding in doing nothing. Everything comes from Nothing! That’s where your creative ideas are being born and unfold into action.

Open up to an Artist, the Creator, the Sage, the Wanderer within you. Become the Hero on their life journey!

Lomi Lomi Berlin upcoming sessions: 15-20th March 

Lomi Lomi arose from the deep understanding of a human, their psychophysical aspects and spiritual nature. Here is what happens during the session:

1. Cleansing of physical body from toxins.
2. Releasing of outdated behavioural patterns.
3. Elevating of consciousness.
4. Rejuvenation of body cells, DNA, neuronal connections.

Lomi Lomi is deeply relaxing and nurturing. It’s feminine, right-brained nature transcends massage. This healing art represents and promotes lasting sensation of wonder, calmness and balance. Accompanied by lulling Hawaiian chants, practitioner’s humming and energising breath, Lomi Lomi takes you to the state of meditative consciousness. There the “healing” begins. Human is a spiritual being in a physical body and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi respectfully acknowledge that.

JOANNA POLKOWSKA: Lomi Lomi Nui practitioner and teacher.
Since 2010 I practice Hawaiian healing art and offer sessions to people throughout Europe. This path of perpetual studies and mastery brings in new meaning and self expression into my life. I entwine several other forms of natural, so called healing modalities, e.i. Gentle Bio-Energetics (Eva Reich), Polarity, Reiki (Mikao Usui), aromatherapy, sound therapy in her practise.

Photo credits: Mohamed Nohassi,