Make Whole

Welcome to the Loving-Cleansing-Healing season!

We are all meant to be healers. This is our responsibility and the life purpose. Evolution takes place through the continuous development of one’s capacity to love themselves and reflect that on others. Healing is a rainbow bridge on our way to Love.

Lomi Lomi, the Hawaiian massage is the ancient tradition in wellness and path to liberation. It aims to restore our inner strength and to unfold the effortless joy of life. Healing means to “make whole” again. This is what Lomi Lomi brings about – the harmonious connection of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human.

“If we heal the mind, the body will follow”

– Mikao Usui

Lomi Lomi experience is deeply relaxing, balancing and transforming. Practitioner holds nurturing space of unconditional love that expands into the unlimited source of acceptance, freedom and releasing of creative powers. Here is what happens during the massage session:

* Alleviating of stress, tension or pain.
* Releasing of outdated behavioural patterns.
* Cleansing of physical body from toxins.
* Elevating of consciousness.
* Rejuvenation of body cells, DNA, neuronal connections.
* Self inquiry, abiding in the moment, surrender.

Accompanied by lulling Hawaiian chants, humming and energising breath, Lomi Lomi takes you to the state of meditative consciousness where the healing begins.