Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light to the world! When many individual Universes merge, we realise that each of the single dreams depict reality. Manifesting our Powers through the world creates the world.

The Hawaiian massage ~Lomi Lomi~ is the ancient tradition in wellness and path to liberation. It directs our attention inwardly in order to restore life energy and unfold natural joy of being. Harmonious connection of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects is the point from where we create our life.

Relax and Create life with Passion!

Lomi Lomi experience is deeply relaxing, balancing and transforming. Practitioner holds nurturing space of unconditional love that expands into the unlimited source of acceptance, freedom and releasing of creative powers. Here is what happens during the massage session:

* Alleviating of stress, tension or pain.

* Releasing of outdated behavioural patterns.

* Cleansing of physical body from toxins.

* Elevating of consciousness.

* Rejuvenation of body cells, DNA, neuronal connections.

* Self inquiry, abiding in the moment, surrender.

Accompanied by lulling Hawaiian chants, humming and energising breath, Lomi Lomi takes you to the state of meditative consciousness where the healing begins.

Lomi Lomi Nui practitioner and teacher, Kino Mana IV. Apprentice of Master Teacher Susan Pa’iniu Floyd, Aloha International, Hawaii.

Since 2010 I have been practicing Hawaiian healing art and offering sessions throughout Europe. This path of perpetual mastery brings in new meaning and self expression into my life.

The course of my work is very intuitive and manifests differently each time I approach the person. The creative inspiration comes from nature, art, dance, music, body movement, other people. Several forms of other natural modalities: Gentle Bio-Energetics (Eva Reich), Polarity, Reiki (Mikao Usui), sound and aromatherapy are often times entwined into my praxis.