Larger picture, beyond comprehension

I can strongly relate to this statement and I learn everyday how true it is. In fact we still know very little about ourselves. Sometimes we don’t want to know because it means to face your shadows first. Other times we know that we know, but the fear of being rejected takes over and we suppress our true nature in order to fit into the societal picture of the good girls and boys.
How long are we going to believe that someone can “heal” us, release the “devil”, awaken the “divine” within? Even though from the depths of our hearts we feel that’s bullshit, we still tend to avoid the responsibility for our wellbeing by projecting that task on “healers” of all kind.
I don’t mean by that we shouldn’t be lead or ask for help if necessary.
But we don’t need to fit into anything. We need to be ourselves. Because only then our excitement, coolness and greatness can be seen, manifested and turned into what is good for us and the world if you wish.
I love your feedbacks given after the sessions. I love them, appreciate them and I humbly bow my head before you with gratitude… But mind you, I do not do anything there but being myself. Together with my moods, my fears, my rejections, projections, my anger, love and passion for creation that I discovered several years ago! I do not “do” the work, I am what I am doing.
Lomi Lomi means a full presence to me. It cannot be performed without leaving my thoughts behind. And that’s the challenge of being myself totally empty.
I cannot express in words how thankful I am for your contribution to my happiness as well as being a part of life I always dreamt to live!

Joanna Polkowska, Practitioner & teacher of Lomi Lomi, the Hawaiian holistic massage. Conscious work for wellbeing and self inquiry.

An excerpt from the book “Hawaiian Lomilomi” by Nancy S. Kahalewai