Lomi Lomi for Greater Wisdom

What is your unique gift? The talent that is special only for you?

Lomi Lomi, the Hawaiian bodywork brings us back to our original identity. The identity with life itself that is passing through us. From that place we see things as they actually are. Source yourself in life, foster and share the gifts you bestowed!

Welcome to Lomi Lomi in Berlin in November! Do visit us and lovingly explore your uniqueness.

Hawaiian massage is the ancient tradition in wellbeing. It is unique because it’s harmonious. It is inspiring, because it is an art. It is courageous because it initiates changes. It is special because You are very special.

Dare to be different! This world offers room for your individuality.

Beneficial effect of Lomi Lomi includes:

~ Alleviation of stress, tension or pain.
~ Gradual release of outdated behavioural patterns.
~ Physical detoxication.
~ Mental and psychological purification.
~ Increased awareness of the body.
~ Sensation of the wholeness.
~ Equilibrium, balance, harmony.

Most of the people experience Lomi Lomi as the relaxing, nurturing ceremony. The depth, the pressure and the flow of massage correspond however with the needs of the person (e.g. vigorous, deep tissue or gentle, soothing).

The massage is accompanied by lulling Hawaiian chants, humming and energising breath. Such a balancing, enveloping ambience easily creates the sensation of freedom and the potential for creative powers.

Embrace the very place within yourself where healing begins. Open that door of truth and infinite joy!

Lomi Lomi practitioner and teacher in accordance with Kino Mana IV teachings with 6 years of experience. Apprentice of Master Teacher Susan Pa’iniu Floyd, Aloha International, Hawaii.

Since 2010 I have been practicing Hawaiian healing art and offering sessions throughout Europe. This path of perpetual mastery brings in the new meanings and ways of self expression into my life.

The course of my work is very intuitive and manifests differently each time I approach the person. The creative inspiration comes from nature, art, dance, music, body movement, other people. Several forms of other natural modalities: Gentle Bio-Energetics (Eva Reich), Polarity, Reiki (Mikao Usui), sound and aromatherapy are often times entwined into my praxis.

The body is a channel of happiness for me. I love the body. The beauty and wisdom of it. Its curves, softness, warmth, strength and gentleness. Its magnificent flexibility and capability to regenerate. I give myself to the body.