Dance or Fight?

“Is live a fight or a dance? What kind of position do you want to take for yourself.”

When people ask the right questions, the questions that don’t need answers – they evoke in us something that nobody can be indifferent to.

When I was a little girl, I dreamt to be a dancer. I knew very little about Duncan or Nijinsky but some kind of these forces and spirits wanted to manifest through my tiny body. God knows how many performances on the imaginary stages I gave when I was alone at home and no one would watch me!

Then, all of a sudden I lost it…the intuition, the trust in life, my nature. I took on the societal mask, the tight outfit, together with the bag full of concepts and a bunch of anxiety. Armed to the teeth, I went into the direction of the good girls.

Except that I was the wild one! Was that the necessary process of an individuation then?

I think, most of us have their own story of coming back home. It usually begins when we reach the point that we KNOW, that the continuous lying to ourselves will entirely kill our spirit. Then, if we are still spiritually alive, we take various actions at different stages to get back on the track.

Is it a fight or a dance? Or is it a Dance that is the Fight?

In indigenous cultures dance is an element of martial arts, the preparation for the war or defence as much as a celebration of their victory.

Until this day, I wear the remnants of this side-cut, steel armour. At times very uncomfortable and itchy. Sometimes so heavy that it pulls me down. But now, when I know there is a way, it takes less time to dance myself back.