Feeling good about who you are

What we share with others is often times what we would love to receive for ourselves. What we share with our beloved ones, usually comes from the depths of our hearts. A spark of love, adoration, respect, acceptance, delight, gentleness…

Lomi Lomi is all about sharing and getting at the same time.

Your emotional, mental and spiritual space is rich in treasures. Connect with your higher intelligence, tap into your intuition, find and share your gems!

May we all feel good about who we are and what we are doing!

Safe the date in Berlin in December 7-23rd

Most of the people experience Lomi Lomi as a deeply relaxing, meditative and nurturing ceremony.

The course of massage is intuitive and respectfully acknowledge the subtle needs and condition of the person for the particular moment. Thus the pressure, depth and rhythm as well as the sensation of massage may differ over the following sessions (e.g. vigorous, intense, gentle, soothing).

The massage is accompanied by lulling Hawaiian chants, singing bowls and the energising breath of the practitioner. The balancing ambience makes the person feel completed – in their body, connected with the spirit.

Lomi Lomi guides us ‘back’ to the core of our being (the divine within, life, god, goddess, life energy – you name it). As such this massage can be very transformative and to evoke our real potential and creative powers.