Emerge & Balance

How powerful you are! Emerge from the slumber and ignite your creative life force. Find balance between your light and the darkness. They both reflect your human nature.

Welcome to Hawaiian holistic massage – Lomi Lomi. The healing art that supports well-being and transformation. Treat yourself to the things that make you Grow and tap into your unlimited source of acceptance, freedom and creative powers.

What it really means to be integrated? When the body, mind and heart are in peace with one another, aligned and in balance. Then the life giving energy flows freely and expand. Then we experience happiness and abundance. Then we express and manifest our soul’s desires and follow the innate talents and passion.

Hawaiian holistic massage Lomi Lomi addresses our Inner Power (primal life force) and gently guides towards the true meaning of existence. This right-brained Lomi Lomi certainly induces physical and emotional cleansing as well.

Lomi Lomi is special simply because You are very special.

Safe the date in Berlin 12th Feb -25th Feb


Beneficial effect of Lomi Lomi includes:

~ Alleviation of stress, tension or pain.
~ Gradual release of outdated behavioural patterns.
~ Physical detoxication.
~ Mental and psychological purification.
~ Increased awareness of the body.
~ Sensation of the wholeness.
~ Equilibrium, balance, harmony.

Most of the people experience Lomi Lomi as a deeply relaxing, meditative and nurturing ceremony.

The course of massage is intuitive and respectfully acknowledge the subtle needs and condition of the person for the particular moment. Thus the pressure, depth and rhythm as well as the sensation of massage may differ over the following sessions (e.g. vigorous, intense, gentle, soothing).

The massage is accompanied by lulling Hawaiian chants, singing bowls and the energising breath of the practitioner. The balancing ambience makes the person feel completed – in their body, connected with the spirit.

Lomi Lomi guides us ‘back’ to the core of our being (you name it). As such this massage can be very transformative for it evokes person’s potential and creative powers.

Lomi Lomi practitioner and teacher in accordance with Kahu Abraham Kawai’i’s teachings with 6 years of practise. The student of the Master Teacher Susan Pa’iniu Floyd. Joanna completed the Kino Mana IV program at Aloha International.

Since 2010 she has been studying the Hawaiian massage art, travelling and offering sessions throughout Europe. This path of perpetual mastery brings in the new meanings and ways of self expression into her life.

The course of her work is very intuitive and manifests differently each time she approaches the person. The creative inspiration comes from nature, literature, art, dance, music, body movement, the people. Several forms of other natural modalities like: Gentle Bio-Energetics (Eva Reich), Polarity, Reiki (Mikao Usui), sound and aromatherapy are her instruments of the self-development.