Feel inspired!

There is a place that I revere – OUR BODY. Imagine, everything we perceive or feel flow through the body and stays there!

The utter compassion to everything that surrounds us allow to heal these parts in us that are scared, uncertain, dispirited, fragile or detached.

It is a matter of great importance in the area of self care to develop healthy relationship with emotions by sensing them in the body. It doesn’t mean to correct discomfort or to make our thoughts “right”. It only means to restore balance between what we feel (heart), where we feel that (body) and what is our intuitive response to it (soul).

Lomi Lomi is the gentle Hawaiian art of massage that supports awareness of the body and all the subtle aspects of our being.

Please do join us if you feel inspired in Berlin 6-15th April

Beneficial effect of Lomi Lomi includes:

~ Alleviation of stress, tension or pain.
~ Gradual release of outdated behavioural patterns.
~ Physical detoxication.
~ Mental and psychological purification.
~ Increased awareness of the body.
~ Sensation of the wholeness.
~ Equilibrium, balance, harmony.

Most people experience Lomi Lomi as a deeply relaxing, meditative and nurturing ceremony.

The course of massage is intuitive and respectfully acknowledge the subtle needs and condition of the person for the particular moment. Thus the pressure, depth and rhythm as well as the sensation of massage may differ over the following sessions (e.g. vigorous, intense, gentle, soothing).

The massage is accompanied by lulling Hawaiian chants, singing bowls and the energising breath of the practitioner. The balancing ambience allows the person to feel into their body, to simmer down and integrate.

Lomi Lomi encourages emotional, mental and spiritual growth. As such this massage may be transformative for it gradually ignites our true potential and creative powers.

Lomi Lomi practitioner and teacher in accordance with Kahu Abraham Kawai’i’s teachings with 6 years of experience. The student of the Master Teacher Susan Pa’iniu Floyd. Joanna completed the Kino Mana IV program at Aloha International.