Move Your Spirit

Welcome to Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. The art of massage that supports health on all levels of existence.

Lomi Lomi puts us in touch with ourselves on kinesthetic, emotional and psychological levels. The changeable dynamic of soothing and vigorous strokes shifts awareness inwards resulting in release of tension, softening of sore muscles and boosting the immune system.

Like a ceremony in which the touch is given respectfully with the whole being, this bodywork responds to where and who we are NOW.

Move your Spirit and connect with all layers of existence!

Join us for in Berlin 16th Sep-21st Sep

~ Alleviation of stress, tension or pain.
~ Gradual release of outdated behavioural patterns.
~ Physical detoxication.
~ Mental and psychological purification.
~ Increased awareness of the body.
~ Sensation of the wholeness.
~ Equilibrium, balance, harmony.

Most people experience Lomi Lomi as deeply relaxing, meditative and nurturing ceremony.

The course of massage is intuitive and respectfully acknowledge the subtle needs and condition of the person at the time. The pressure, depth, rhythm as well as the sensation of massage may differ during the following sessions (e.g. vigorous, intense, gentle, soothing).

The massage is accompanied by lulling Hawaiian chants, singing bowls and the energising breath of the practitioner. The balancing ambience allows the person to feel into their body, to simmer down and integrate.

Lomi Lomi encourages emotional, mental and spiritual growth. As such this massage may ignite transformation for it connects with one’s true potential and creative powers.

Lomi Lomi practitioner and teacher in accordance with Kahu Abraham Kawai’i’s teachings with 6 years of experience. The student of the Susan Pa’iniu Floyd (Aloha Int.) and Ho’okahi Tamara Stephens (Nā Pua ‘Olohe).

The course of her work is intuitive and manifests differently each time she approaches the person. The creative inspiration comes from nature, literature, art, dance, music, body movement, people. The fundamentals of Gentle Bio-Energetics (Eva Reich), Polarity, Reiki (Mikao Usui), sound and aromatherapy support her path of self-development.