Inner Sky

As we advance in life we are less prone to compromise on who we are. It becomes clear that evolutionary intention is to embrace our differences instead of holding them back. As an individualist one sincerely meets the world and circumstances because of who he is and doesn’t back down. That’s the potentiality of Inner Sky.

Welcome to Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. The art of massage that supports all levels of existence. Lomi Lomi puts us in touch with ourselves on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The changeable dynamic of soothing and vigorous strokes shifts awareness inwards resulting in release of tension, softening of sore muscles and boosting the immune system.

Like a ceremony in which the touch is given respectfully with the whole being, this bodywork responds to where and who we are now. Lomi Lomi encourages emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

Join us and connect with your true potential and creative powers.

Photo: Casey Horner,