Love is a Skill

The ongoing contact between us and others reflects the relationship we have with ourselves. The importance of self love comes to the fore in building a healthy and emotionally fulfilling life.

For love is a skill, not a feeling…

The finesse of emotionally mature person is therefore rooted in their intrinsic pull of them being in love with themselves. This allows to navigate life from that place of completeness and not-wanting that is being mirrored in everything they do, touch, they think of.

Lomi Lomi connects the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of a man. The changeable dynamic of soothing and vigorous strokes shifts awareness inwards. That only place where love resides. Deep relaxation results in release of tension, softening of sore muscles and boosting the immune system. The overall dynamic of Lomi Lomi recalls a ceremony in which the touch is given and received with the whole being.

Join us at the closing of the year and see where and who you are NOW.

Photo: Robert Zunikoff,