Stability and confidence

Love takes many forms and Lomi Lomi is love. The massage that touches all levels of existence. The pathway to the stars (Ke Ala Hoku) that keeps your body grounded and embodies the spirit within.

I can see (A), from a very far (Lo) and I take all this wisdom with my breath (Ha). ALOHA. The word that goes far beyond its verbal meaning. The vibration of all that we are, feel, think of, touch and experience. All that we love and hate, accept or reject, invite and address or not be willing to see…

For love is impersonal and unconditional.

An ancient warrior would kill from the space of Aloha and the defeated one would take the sacrifice out of Love. Without personal agenda. They both would follow the divine order of things. Interchangeable energies of survival of one versus submission and acceptance of another. What needed to be done was done. The purity of their hearts would manifest Aloha in the same way in sacred hunting.

We all have a great deal of lesson to take on love. I wish us to be persistent in learning again and again, even if we had failed thousands of times before.

Lomi Lomi connects the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of a man. Join us for the deep relaxation and rejoice in the moment!

Photo credits: Samuel Scrimshaw;