I am thrilled to be back in Berlin to invite you for Lomi Lomi sessions again. We have already begun on Friday 19th June in our lovely studio in Mitte. Here come all the goodies and treats and some thoughts.

These times make many of us see the nuances of this life, its variability and unpredictability that calls for us to remain present and focused.

Rebirth is inseparable from life cycles. We are reborn every day by opening our eyes after night or in the spring with the first warm sunbeam. We rise from the downfalls and crises. We fall in love again only to love stronger after we have broken our hearts. Because the rebirth is our point of reference, giving the feeling that no state is permanent and the consolation in symbolism of Fenix.

Whatever phase you are in, may you experience it wisely. Our gentleness is our greatness that alleviates mental states, smoothes human relations and brings serenity to our hearts. Unlike the resistance that augments chaos.

I wish us harmonious, steady and fine cycles and look forward very much to seeing you this summer!

Love, Joanna