Gratitude is gracious

Gratitude springs from the fertile fields of our hearts. It is the spark that kindles the most beautiful things about us: smile, kindness, emotion. With gratitude we feel whole, that is why it looks so good on us.

Gratitude is gracious.

The unconditional form of love and the most gentle of caresses by which we reveal our sensitivity before the world.

“I could thank you all day for this experience and I’d so much like to give you something in return.” – someone told me yesterday after the session.

Gratitude serves our personal need to be a part of a larger whole, being the multidimensional flow of giving and receiving. Every action motivated by gratitude is delightful for it demonstrates purity and simplicity of being.

Hawaiian massage (lomi lomi) often results in waves of boundless gratitude and affection. Feeling safe and secure, we respond to our greatness in a natural way: with simplicity and effortlessly.

Come by to see for yourself!