Credit: Alexander Krivitskiy, unsplash

We’ve been contemplating constantly on our human condition and how we identify ourselves in the changing world. We all evolve at our own pace and this process is strongly influenced by both interaction with other people and our immediate and further surroundings. The needs are changing rapidly that is a consequence of increased understanding of the component of a man: body-mind-heart-spirit. Kahu Abraham Kawai’i named Lomi Lomi “ a physiologically based psycho-spiritual transformation”. Let’s dwell on it.

Body is our cellular memory that dictates the mechanisms of our behaviour and the way we see ourselves and interact with the world. Some of the mechanisms support life, some are disturbing or destructive.

Therapeutic value of holistic body work such as Lomi Lomi consist in addressing every aspect of what constitutes us: past, present, future, emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, concepts. The only way we make contact with these subtle substances is through the body, not the mind.

Lomi Lomi as a deeply relaxing massage alleviates muscle tension, stress related symptoms and soothes the nervous system. In other words, Lomi Lomi facilitates the process of transformation and integration. Therefore it complements and supports diverse psychological or medical therapies, coaching programs, spiritual seeking, learning, physical health, benefits pregnancy and puerperium period.

Undeniably, Lomi Lomi is an alchemist that will foster your intention, health, development and wellbeing in a respectful and intimate surroundings.

Lomi Lomi treatments in Berlin are available on a regular basis at the present moment and I am always happy to hear from you!