Thank you for your interest in my work that has been a source of fulfilment and through which I have been pursuing my artistic passion. I perceive Lomi Lomi as an act of creation, much an elaborate archaeological work where with the greatest delicacy a treasure is excavated – a human being with their truth – too often buried under the layers of pain, fear, anger or self-hatred.

My name is Joanna Polkowska and I have been practising Lomi Lomi for almost a decade. I continue the lineage of work and teachings of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i (Kahuna Bodywork, Romi Kaparere, Lomi Lomi Nui). The great master teachers on my path are Susan Pa’iniu Floyd (founder of Kino Mana) and Ho’okahi Tamara Stephens (wife of the late Abraham Kawai’i and co-founder of Nā Pua ‘Olohe).

The flow of my work is intuitive and manifests differently in each session. Basic knowledge of body mapping, gentle bioenergetics (Eva Reich), polarity, Reiki (Mikao Usui), sound therapy and aromatherapy broaden my understanding and sense of both complex and subtle human nature.

Our body is a vessel of infinite wisdom, an image of the universe. Look at the beauty of its curves, its marvellous flexibility in terms of movement and its capacity for full regeneration. Let us respect its polarity: strength and vulnerability and take care of our well-being by listening and responding to our body’s needs.