Benefits of Lomi Lomi

Wellbeing comes from within and Lomi Lomi is rooted in that wisdom. Our bodies have an intelligence and mechanism for self recovery.

Pain is an emotion. We don’t need to know where the emotion comes from to deal with pain, its result. As we learn how to let go of „the doing and pushing”, there is a space of awareness emerging, where healing happens. It means, if you allow something into you, you are bigger than that. First see the pain. Only then you know what necessary steps to undertake.

“Massage increases awareness in the areas being massaged and awareness in itself can bring about healing. By releasing chronically held physical tension, the corresponding emotional component can surface and be released”. (1)

Lomi Lomi induce physiological changes and fosters mental and emotional stability (2):

  • acts as a mechanical cleanser on circulatory system
  • stretches and relaxes tight muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • can reprogram neurological patterns and reduce emotional armouring
  • improves functions and blood supply of internal organs
  • exfoliates dead skin cells and keeps the skin nourished and firm
  • boosts immune system
  • increases awareness of the body and sense of wholeness
  • restores emotional balance

Lomi Lomi is a rainbow bridge between our conscious mind, subconsciousness and higher mind. It is life and presence in itself where one see himself, surrender and takes off judgements and conditioning. Hawaiian bodywork is truly freeing and loving art of massage, in which each touch is given respectfully with the whole being and responds to where and who we are NOW. Lomi Lomi implements softness, gentleness and simplicity into our space of existence.

(1-2) “Hawaiian Lomilomi. Big Island massage” by Nancy S. Kahalewai