Full Body Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is the Hawaiian art of massage that encapsulates all the great qualities of a restorative and relaxing treatment. It aims at alleviation of the pain, relaxation of sore muscles, boosting immune system. However Lomi Lomi is more than that – a unique, balancing and nourishing ceremony. The alternating dynamics of the soothing and energetic strokes, gentle stretches and rotations direct recipient’s attention inwards resulting in connecting the physical body with their psycho-emotional state. In that sense, Lomi Lomi is a holistic, bio-energetic modality that supports the betterment of our wellbeing.

The best way to experience Lomi Lomi is with a 120 – 90 minute session to achieve a state of complete relaxation and renewal. Longer treatments are possible and welcome.

For those with limited resources or newcomers, a 60min Lomi Lomi trial session is offered. Please check the website for details.

BOOK 120 min – 160 €

BOOK 90 min – 120 €