Know in the time of knowing

Know in the time of knowing. Move in the time of moving. Love in the time of loving and cry when it is time of sorrow. Everything is waiting for you…

Often times we neglect ourselves by denying our real needs, feelings and emotions in order to fit into the societal frames and what we think is being expected from us. And then we feel being cheated, become frustrated and got stuck in our own drama – alone, cut off, isolated.

But is that really so, that by following the imposed norms we make the world a better place? What if the universe did’t expect from us anything but being ourselves in every moment we take a breath? Living and acting in accordance with our intuition that comes from the depths of our hearts and naturally manifests through the body? Continue reading “Know in the time of knowing”

Feel inspired!

There is a place that I revere – OUR BODY. Imagine, everything we perceive or feel flow through the body and stays there!

The utter compassion to everything that surrounds us allow to heal these parts in us that are scared, uncertain, dispirited, fragile or detached.

It is a matter of great importance in the area of self care to develop healthy relationship with emotions by sensing them in the body. It doesn’t mean to correct discomfort or to make our thoughts “right”. It only means to restore balance between what we feel (heart), where we feel that (body) and what is our intuitive response to it (soul).

Lomi Lomi is the gentle Hawaiian art of massage that supports awareness of the body and all the subtle aspects of our being.

Please do join us if you feel inspired in Berlin 6-15th April Continue reading “Feel inspired!”

Space for Deeper Knowing

Passion evolves energy and everything is being driven by inspiration. For inspiration to emerge we need Space. These still moments, when you connect with the body and feel what is happening in you and where YOU ARE. Allowing Space in life is to take responsibility for our health.

Lomi Lomi is the gentle Hawaiian art of massage. The old tradition in wellbeing that supports deep communication with the body.

Save the date In Berlin 15th-31st March

I invite you to the place where you can relax, reconnect and discover new ways of expression in your life. Lomi Lomi is special for you are very special! Continue reading “Space for Deeper Knowing”

Emerge & Balance

How powerful you are! Emerge from the slumber and ignite your creative life force. Find balance between your light and the darkness. They both reflect your human nature.

Welcome to Hawaiian holistic massage – Lomi Lomi. The healing art that supports well-being and transformation. Treat yourself to the things that make you Grow and tap into your unlimited source of acceptance, freedom and creative powers.

What it really means to be integrated? When the body, mind and heart are in peace with one another, aligned and in balance. Then the life giving energy flows freely and expand. Then we experience happiness and abundance. Then we express and manifest our soul’s desires and follow the innate talents and passion.

Hawaiian holistic massage Lomi Lomi addresses our Inner Power (primal life force) and gently guides towards the true meaning of existence. This right-brained Lomi Lomi certainly induces physical and emotional cleansing as well.

Lomi Lomi is special simply because You are very special.

Safe the date in Berlin 12th Feb -25th Feb

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Your Story

I am dedicating the Winter Lomi Lomi Berlin sessions especially to all of you who feel lost, inadequate, sad or lonely. To all of you, who right now do not belong anywhere.

Lomi Lomi may not heal your depression, it may not make your broken hearts whole again immediately. But it may shed the light upon the experience, bring a new perspective or ignite action.

Hawaiian massage is the ancient tradition in wellbeing. It is unique because it’s harmonious. It is inspiring, because it is an art of creation. It is courageous because it initiates changes. It is special because You are very special.

In Berlin Lomi Lomi: 18th Jan -31st Jan

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Feeling good about who you are

What we share with others is often times what we would love to receive for ourselves. What we share with our beloved ones, usually comes from the depths of our hearts. A spark of love, adoration, respect, acceptance, delight, gentleness…

Lomi Lomi is all about sharing and getting at the same time.

Your emotional, mental and spiritual space is rich in treasures. Connect with your higher intelligence, tap into your intuition, find and share your gems!

May we all feel good about who we are and what we are doing!

Safe the date in Berlin in December 7-23rd

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Dance or Fight?

“Is live a fight or a dance? What kind of position do you want to take for yourself.”

When people ask the right questions, the questions that don’t need answers – they evoke in us something that nobody can be indifferent to.

When I was a little girl, I dreamt to be a dancer. I knew very little about Duncan or Nijinsky but some kind of these forces and spirits wanted to manifest through my tiny body. God knows how many performances on the imaginary stages I gave when I was alone at home and no one would watch me!

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Lomi Lomi for Greater Wisdom

What is your unique gift? The talent that is special only for you?

Lomi Lomi, the Hawaiian bodywork brings us back to our original identity. The identity with life itself that is passing through us. From that place we see things as they actually are. Source yourself in life, foster and share the gifts you bestowed!

Welcome to Lomi Lomi in Berlin in November! Do visit us and lovingly explore your uniqueness.

Hawaiian massage is the ancient tradition in wellbeing. It is unique because it’s harmonious. It is inspiring, because it is an art. It is courageous because it initiates changes. It is special because You are very special.

Dare to be different! This world offers room for your individuality.

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Larger picture, beyond comprehension

I can strongly relate to this statement and I learn everyday how true it is. In fact we still know very little about ourselves. Sometimes we don’t want to know because it means to face your shadows first. Other times we know that we know, but the fear of being rejected takes over and we suppress our true nature in order to fit into the societal picture of the good girls and boys. Continue reading “Larger picture, beyond comprehension”

Horn of Plenty

We live in the boundless ocean of possibilities and abundance. Often times we seem to be lost in the hardship of lack however. Strip away the old way of thinking and act through the passion. Passion is the only true expression of our nature, spirit, soul – you name it. It means, whatever you relish will always bring you to the state of plentitude. Even if you fail, it is better to fail by doing what you love rather, then by what wears you out, isn’t it?

Welcome to Lomi Lomi, the ancient massage and tradition in wellbeing. It is unique because it’s harmonious. It is inspiring, because it is an art. It is courageous because it initiates changes. It is special because You are very special.

SAVE THE DATES IN BERLIN: 21st – 24th September

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