Here you can choose the Lomi Lomi variant that is most suitable for you. The best way to experience Lomi Lomi is during  120min or 90min for a complete relaxation, nutrition and revitalisation. Longer treatments are possible and the requests are most welcome.

I offer individual (one-on-one) Lomi Lomi sessions to ensure maximum privacy, comfort and safety.

There are no restrictive recommendations regarding the number of appointments. However, every following one allows for deeper insight, consciously addressing these aspects that require your attention. Both the scope and depth of Hawaiian massage are always intuitively adjusted to ones personal needs and capacity to receive.

Allow approximately 15-30 minutes for an initial, pre-massage assessment and integration of your experience after the treatment. This additional time is included in the price. There is no need to prepare, come as you are, with an open mind and let yourself be guided and receive.

120min ~ 160€

This unique massage and ceremony nurtures the senses and makes a harmonising experience. The session encompasses the whole body and allows you to connect with yourself on a kinaesthetic, emotional and psychological levels. The alternating dynamics of the soothing and energetic movements bring awareness inwards, causing the release of tension, relaxing sore muscles and stimulating […]

90min ~ 120€

This session is the golden mean for those who are new to Lomi Lomi or have limited time but are seeking relaxation and deep, holistic body work.  Lomi Lomi increases awareness and awareness in itself can bring comfort or healing. Depending on a person’s condition and musculature, the 90-minute Lomi Lomi usually covers the entire body. […]

60min ~ 80€

Lomi Lomi 60 min focus mainly on the back, shoulders and hips, however energetically the whole body is being embraced. Lomi Lomi directs receiver’s attention to the areas being massaged.


Lomi Lomi can be very beneficial for the physical and hormonal changes, women experience during pregnancy. Both the strokes and position on the table are tailored to your needs to assure maximum comfort and safety. The massage includes the whole body, whereby special attention goes to the upper and lower back, hips and legs. The […]


What we share with others is often times what we would love to have. What we share with our beloved ones, usually comes from the depths of our hearts. A spark of love, adoration, respect, acceptance, delight, gentleness. Lomi Lomi is all about giving and receiving at the same time. Treat your person with a […]


Postnatal Lomi Lomi benefits include both the physical aspect of recovery after giving birth as well as psychological challenges that many women are facing in their new role as a mother (e.g. postnatal depression, identity crisis). The massage embraces the whole body and incorporates long, rhythmical, calming strokes as well as gentle stretches. The recommend […]