Enjoy the plentitude of treatments that suit your needs and capabilities for that moment. There are no restrictive recommendations regarding the number of sessions. With each massage you can go deeper in the body, consciously addressing these aspects that ask for attention. Both the spectrum and depth of Hawaiian massage is always intuitively adjusted to ones personal needs and capacity to receive. No matter where you are today, I will always support you on your path and hold the space for Lomi Lomi.

Allow about 15-30 minutes on top of the each treatment for initial assessment, rest and feedback after massage. The additional time is included in the price of the session.

Lomi Lomi 120min ~ 160€

The unique 120 min ceremony makes a balancing and nurturing experience. The session embraces the whole body and puts the person in touch with himself on kinesthetic, emotional and psychological levels. The changeable dynamic of soothing and vigorous massage strokes shifts awareness inwards resulting in release of tension, softening of sore muscles and boosting the […]

Lomi Lomi 90min ~ 120€

This session is a golden mean for those who are new to Lomi Lomi or with limited time resources, yet searching for relaxation and deep bodywork. Lomi Lomi increases awareness and awareness in itself can bring about healing. Depending on the condition and musculature of a person the 90 min massage embraces the whole body or […]

Lomi Lomi 60min ~ 80€

Lomi Lomi 60 min focus mainly on the back, shoulders and hips, however energetically the whole body is being embraced. Lomi Lomi directs receiver’s attention to the areas being massaged.

Prenatal massage ~ 80€

Pregnancy Lomi Lomi is highly pleasing experience given in the space of the subtle presence of the child. Every woman loves and appreciates that very much.

Gift Vouchers

Treat your beloved ones with Lomi Lomi session. Simply choose the treatment you would like to offer and send the request.

Special requests

Being in motion and flexible moves us closer to some destination. In fact, mostly we do not reach the initially established destination at all, because the whole journey was so exciting that before we knew it, something new and more interesting emerged before us. Hence, I encourage you to ask questions and be creative. Is there is anything I could device to meet your needs?