transformative massage therapy

Welcome to Lomi Lomi where your experience goes beyond a massage. The transformative Hawaiian therapy supports wellbeing on all levels of existence and integrates physical – mental – emotional – spiritual dimensions of a human. Lomi Lomi keeps the body grounded, sharpens the mind, expands the electromagnetic field of the heart. The harmonious, deep massage strokes and stretches gradually release tension, reduce emotional armouring, improve blood circulation and soothe the nervous system. The reinforced life energy flow in the relaxed body allow its innate faculty of healing. Mellow out in the calming and transmuting ambience of Lomi Lomi where every massage session makes the ceremony that provides regenerating experience. Wellbeing is the natural state. Join us on this creative, inspiring journey!

What people love about Lomi Lomi

  • Thank you for the great massage yesterday. I feel as if I regained my body back and something more. Never though I could ever cry again. That was deeply moving and relieving too, this sudden opening for that vulnerable part of me. The way you hold the space and approach the person is simply delightful.


  • Dear Joanna, your lomi lomi session was an extraordinary experience for me. And it was more – It was a flow, a deep adventure for the senses, a tango dance (I know this very well, ’cause I’m a tango dancer), an energy source. It was a poem! Thank you so much!


  • Dear Joanna, I want to thank you once again for the session and your work that still impresses me. I have been through some self experiences the last decade and have plain variety of instruments to regulate myself but I longed for support and touch for the brave, so much holding Body. I did not expect the such a deep therapeutic character. Intuition brought me to you and I am grateful for the space and field that you held during those two hours. I could dive deep and let go of something very old. It felt like I wept for several generations. Powerful images came especially at the end, when you worked at the front. It was quite a journey.I felt so much respect and love from your side. Thank you!


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