transformative massage therapy

Welcome to Lomi Lomi, the Hawaiian genuine art that embodies all the great qualities of a restorative and soothing massage treatment. It is however more than that. This transformative modality supports health on all levels and integrates the physical-mental-emotional-psychological and spiritual dimensions of the human being. Lomi Lomi helps grounding, sharpens the mind and stimulates the electromagnetic field of the heart. Harmonious, deep movements, rotations and stretches gradually release tension, reduce emotional armour, improve blood circulation and soothe the nervous system. Thereby, the streamlined flow of vital energy supports the body’s innate ability to heal and regenerate. Relax in the calming and transmuting atmosphere of Lomi Lomi, where each massage session feels like a ceremony for all the senses. Well-being is your natural state, I invite you to join me on this creative, inspiring journey!


  • I’ve had a few massages during my lifetime, but none as restorative as my Lomi Lomi session with Joanna. Everything about the experience was an art, from her technique to the music and cozy studio (wood stove!). Joanna worked with care, focusing on areas where I hold stress and encouraging me to let go. The massage was equally relaxing and insightful. I truly recommend it! Steve

  • Highly Recommended! Joanna doesn’t just give an amazing massage, but offers a one-of-a-kind relaxing experience. She releases all tensions of the body by doing what I’d describe as waves of massaging, on a Hawaiian soundtrack that will make you disconnect from your everyday worries. I went to see her a few weeks after giving birth to my son and have been seeing her regularly to reconnect with my body and get new positive and relaxed energies. Don’t think twice and treat yourself! Lea

  • I cannot find words profound enough to recommend Joanna’s work! A lomi lomi massage from Joanna is simply the best self-care gift. I have been going to Joanna’s for several years now and she has helped me to reach deep relaxation state, heal physical pain, also during a difficult pregnancy. Joanna is incredibly gifted and manages to offer a very safe and welcoming space for bodywork. Thank you with all my heart Joanna! Laurence